AutoCAD Introductory Course


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Overview of Course :

AutoCAD is a computer Aided Design applications software that has set the industry standard. Its applications range from engineering design, drafting and drawing, to presentation graphics, education, topographical maps and animation; to name but a few.


Using AutoCAD, virtually any manual drawing could be drawn; in fact it will be faster, more accurate and easier to modify, and hence higher productivity is achieved


Target Group:

This course is aimed at engineers, draftsmen and any professional with drawing interest



Prerequisites & Duration:

Better results are obtained if the trainee is familiar with Personal Computer (PC) operation and the Windows operating system. Acceptable understanding of educational English is desirable.

Course duration is 40 hours.


By the end of this course the trainee will be able to:

* Operate AutoCAD, create professional high quality drawings and plot hard copies.

* Use the main features and commands of AutoCAD such as Layers, Hatching & Dimensions.

* Carry out good and sound computer house-keeping practice

* Use the manual and the on-line Help effectively and appreciate the power of AutoCAD

Course contents:

* Command menu structure and selection.

* Toolbars, menus, Dialogue Boxes and user interface concepts

* Setting-up the drawing environment.

* Creating basic drawings

* Drawing the basic elements

* Selection of objects, editing drawings and display control.

* Improving and controlling the drawing accuracy.

* The concept of Layers and their use.

* The benefits and use of Blocks

* Dimensions

* Text entry

* Inquiries

* Plotting hard copies and scale issues

* Advanced features for speeding-up and productivity techniques.

* AutoCAD hardware and software requirements and upgrades.

* House-keeping. Back-up, file management and virus avoidance.

* Numerous exercises will be spread through-out the course with emphasis on sample drawings related to each trainee's field of work

* A final project drawing shall be undertaken by each trainee.

* AuotoCAD 2000 features. Autodesk’s On-Line help and internet discussion groups.